psearch feb 23

February has just arrived! What an incredible year it’s been so far!  We have started our 2nd round of internships & are ready for new challenges and experiences. This unit, we have established & utilized our own professional emails, learned to navigate websites &  learned the importance of online safety.  Currently,  we are learning about Health and Wellness like how to manage our stress, employment impact on our health, the importance of hygiene & grooming & about our Mental Health.

Do you know we run the Snack Bar independently?!

At the Snack Bar, we manage the cash register, restock snacks, take orders, and serve customers!  The picture on the right is Katherine G who has the Snack bar as her internship this round!

The Music Department is our NEW internship! At the music dept, we work alongside our supervisor, Alisa to help take inventory of music instruments, scan sheet music, organize NECC stage performance supplies & much more! The above photo is Cameron A. working hard doing inventory at the music department.\

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