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Important info

Mandatory employment criteria:
Must meet Cori requirements as authorized by the DCJIS and MGL c. 6, § 172.
Must meet Fingerprinting requirements
Must not be on attorney general exclusionary list
Must have suitable drivers record
Must not be on DPPC abuse and or neglect registry
All employment opportunities/relationships are contingent on meeting the Mandatory employment criteria listed on the job descriptions.


Department: Transportation

Classification: Non-Exempt

Reports to: Transportation Manager

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible to drive people supported to and from their homes in a professional manner maintaining the highest level of safe driving practices.

Personnel Requirements

  • Arrive promptly for duty; cover route efficiently according to planned route. Supervise monitors while operating the vehicle.
  • Drivers must furnish written references, have effective oral communication skill in English sufficient to communicate effectively with Consumers and facilities staff and to perform their other job duties, and undergo a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, and undergo fingerprinting process with results verified, prior to any contact with Agency Consumers.
  • Ensure the safety of passengers during transport; enforce van rules. Assist consumers upon entering and exiting the vehicle. See that seatbelts are used properly and consistently. Write incident/accident reports according to agency guidelines. Report unusual behavior or pertinent occurrences to Transportation Manager.
  • Demonstrate awareness of safety precautions and procedures – equipment in place, compliance with regulations, laws, and departmental guidelines.
  • Keep van in good order and condition – fuel, mechanically sound, tires, cleanliness of interior and windows. Report van maintenance problems to Transportation Coordinator
  • Relate in a respectful and professional manner to individuals, staff, parents and residential advocates. Respect and safeguard the confidentiality of individuals and staff. Handle problems with passenger transport with patience, a positive attitude and involvement of necessary team members.


  • Drivers must be at least 19 years of age.
  • A Valid Driver’s license and clean driving record required.
  • 3 years of driving experience.
  • Must adhere to the agencies drug and alcohol testing policies.
  • Be physically able to assist individuals entering and exiting vehicles
  • CPR, First Aid trained.
  • MAP trained helpful.
  • Crisis intervention training (i.e.PABC) favorable
  • If using your own vehicle you must have a current registration and insurance policy.
  • Experience working with the DD population preferred.

FULL-TIME Developmental Specialists (Direct Care Staff)

Job Title: Developmental Specialist

Classification: Non-Exempt

Reports to: Program Manager

JOB SUMMARY: The program model utilizes a Person Centered Approach and includes structured activities and interventions that provide instruction and support in 5 key areas. These include accommodating changes in physical functioning, cognitive ability, Executive Functioning areas, behavior and emotion regulation, and language and communication development. A high degree of structure exampled by scheduling, routine and visual and auditory adaptations is combined with a commitment to individualization, community inclusion and skill acquisition to provide participants the opportunity to achieve the highest degree of independence and growth possible.

The program model provides intensive, community and site-based services in a number of critical areas.

  • Social Skill Training
  • Personal Care
  • Leisure Time Exposure & Development
  • Behavior Programming and Anger Management
  • Emotion Regulation Techniques
  • Community Integration & Inclusion
  • Physical Exercise & Mobility Training
  • Pre-vocational Skill Development

Clinical Support

  • Provide support and counseling to people supported to assist them with developing their problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Identify interfering behavior and implement behavioral interventions and protocols and/or to provide counseling to people as needed.
  • Participate in regular team meetings and clinical discussions regarding people supported with the manager and behavior consultant monthly.
  • Engage in supervisions with the Program Manager that focus on support and improvement in job performance. This will be discussed with the behavioral consultant as needed.

Implementation of Support Plan Goals through Teaching and Training

  • Understand and implement Day Habilitation support plan and person centered goals and strategies.
  • Provide ongoing training and support to people supported by implementing skills development groups and trainings that promotes independence and skill development.
  • Develop interesting and creative skills development groups that will engage people supported to learn and grow.
  • Provide feedback and adjustment of techniques as a means to assist people supported to attain their personal goals and provide individualized support when necessary.
  • Assess the abilities of people supported and provide constructive input in the completion of assessment tools and support plan documentation.


  • Ensure that all information regarding people supported is maintained with the highest level of confidentiality based on the policies and procedures regarding people’s protected health information.
  • Complete required documentation that is accurate completed within established timelines, and within a manner based on dignity and respect to people supported including data sheets, case notes, incident reports, seizure records, etc.
  • Provide case management for assigned people and complete the support planning process documentation.
  • Keep daily data on behavior plans and protocols as agreed upon by the clinical team.


  • Support and foster the growth and independence of people supported.
  • Participate in support plan meetings by providing information that is based on the person centered plan.
  • Promote increased participation in community activities and in the use of community resources.
  • Communicate all issues and concerns regarding people supported to the Program Manager and/or appropriate person.
  • Support people according to their individual communication styles and respectful of their support needs.
  • Empower people supported to make choices and exercise their human rights.


  • Minimum high school diploma or equivalent
  • at least 2 years of experience working with the Developmental Disabled and/or Brain Injured population.
  • A college degree and/or a C.N.A. certification is preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license and the ability to drive a van required.
  • Crisis intervention training (i.e. PABC) is favorable
  • CPR, First Aid and MAP certificates are preferred


Job Title: Job Coach

Department: CBDS

Classification: Non-Exempt

Reports to: Program Manager CBDS or Job Developer Coordinator

JOB SUMMARY: To provide job coaching support and employment training to adults with developmental disabilities. Providing support to the Job Developer Coordinator when those she supports need rides or additional job training.


  • Must be able to communicate clearly in both written and verbal presentations.
  • Have computer skills for Microsoft Office products and be able to utilize basic data bases.
  • CPR, First Aide and PAC certified required, MAP preferred.
  • Be able to represent Opportunity Works in a positive manner.
  • Be reliable and dependable.

Skills, Experience and Education:

  • AS in human services or related field or 1- 2 years’ experience working with adults who are developmentally disabled.
  • Must have valid driver’s license and clean driving record.


Agency Mission/Quality Services

  • Understand and perform all job functions based on the mission and philosophical principles of Opportunity Works.
  • Adhere to the Ethical Code of Conduct for all employees.
  • Ensure the health, safety, well being, and human rights of all people supported by following all agency policies and procedures.
  • Create a positive, team-oriented, holistic, and compassionate work environment that focuses on quality service delivery and program development.
  • Adhere to the agency timelines/schedule regarding attendance and participation at all mandatory trainings and scheduled trainings.
  • Act as a role model for people supported by demonstrating a professional manner in all aspects of job performance.
  • Promote and model Positive Behavioral Supports.

Major Responsibilities

  • Relate to individuals in a manner, which maximizes human dignity, community integration and opportunities for self-direction.
  • Transport individuals in own car to and from job site when no other agency vehicles or other applicable options are available. (with mileage reimbursement)
  • Communicate medical and health matters to Program Manager or designee.
  • Supervise and train people supported on subcontract work tasks, provide training, and serve as liaison between employee and employer
  • Assist in modifying work and work stations to fit the needs of the person supported and help design and make jigs and fixtures as needed.
  • Provide feedback and adjustment of techniques as a means to assist people supported to attain their personal goals and provide individualized support when necessary.
  • Work schedule may vary due to the need for on-site job coaching/training which may take place outside agency business hours.