Give Opportunity

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”- Albert Einstein

Each and every day Opportunity Works provides genuine opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to thrive and flourish. We ask YOU to help support our mission.

YOU have the power to GIVE OPPORTUNITY.

In the midst of our greatest challenges throughout the 2020 COVID-19 crisis we proved in our ability to pivot quickly and continue to provide dynamic, quality, opportunities to fulfill our mission and the meaningful goals of the individuals supported by Opportunity Works. Your valuable support directly empowers and changes lives. Donate Today!

Meet Billy

billyRW1   billyRW22

Billy has been part of the Opportunity Works family for nearly 10 years and has been empowered to take each and every opportunity available to him. His caring and compassionate nature lead him to volunteer opportunities such as, Three Hearts Farm, Council on Aging and Nourishing the North Shore. Billy is an active member of OW’s Chorus, Club Café and OpArt, a collaborative program with the Newburyport Art Association. Although always busy, Billy takes the opportunity to play hoop at the YMCA and visit his town library regularly.


When asked if he would like to explore a new job at RiverWalk Brewing Co. he once again jumped at the chance. The folks at RiverWalk quickly found Billy’s friendly, social, jokester personality genuinely completed their team. Upon return from a brief production hiatus RiverWalk touted

“The Band is back together!”


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