The Haverhill Karaoke class has become an overnight success after starting back in August. The class is run by Sylium Diaz, Rosanna Guzman and Chris Breton every Thursday at 11:30 on Google Classroom and the individuals are able participate both at  home and in-house. “We never realized what a hit the class was going to be” said Sylium. The premise of the class is similar to the karaoke you used to attend, only virtual, they get to choose their song, one of the staff members cues the music (with lyrics) and away they go! Most played requests include, “Let it Go,” “Beat It,” “ The Sponge Bob theme song” and “Rockstar.” Some quotes from some of the regulars:

Will R –  “I love it”

Maddie H – “ It is the highlight of my Thursday.”

Heather B – “It is my favorite classes, I love it.”

karaoke photo maddie

[Pictured here is Maddie H singing “This is Home” by Bryan Lanning]